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Carolina Yards & Neighborhoods is a landscape program designed to teach the most effective way to maintain lawns and protect the environment at the same time. Not only can it decrease the amount of time spent on yard work, but it saves money by conserving water, reducing the need for harmful chemicals and by reducing the need to replace plants – just by following the nine principles, outlined in the program.  View the Piedmont Yardstick Workbook (pdf) or videos Piedmont Yardstick Workbook 1 -covers principles: Right place, right place, Water efficiently, and Mulch. Piedmont Yardstick Workbook 2 -covers principles:Fertilize appropriately, Recycling, and Stormwater runoff. Piedmont Yardstick Workbook 3 -covers principles: Attacting wildlife, Managing yard pests, and Protecting the waterfront.

The nine principles include the following areas:
1. Right plant, right place
2. Recycle
3. Water efficiently
4. Mulch
5. Protecting the waterfront
6. Fertilize appropriately
7. Manage yard pests
8. Stormwater runoff
9. Attracting wildlife

If you would like more information about Carolina Yards and Neighborhoods or are interested in attending a workshop, call Cooperative Extension in your county.



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