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The Piedmont Triad Water Quality Partnership is a collaboration of eighteen local governments in the Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina, working together to educate residents about stormwater and water quality issues, including non-point source pollution, regulations, and best management practices.

Alamance County
(336) 228-1312

City of Asheboro
(336) 626-1234 ext. 2210

Town of Jamestown
(336) 454-1138

Town of Kernersville
(336) 996-3121


 City of Archdale
(336) 431-9141

 Town of Lewisville
(336) 945-5558

City of Burlington
(336) 222-5005

Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority
(336) 498-5510


Village of Clemmons
(336) 766-9170

City of Randleman
(336) 495-7500  


Forsyth County
(336) 727-2087

Randoloph County
(336) 545-1819 


City of Greensboro
(336) 373-2812

Town of Rural Hall
(336) 969-6856


Guilford County
(336) 641-3334   

City of Trinity
(336) 431-2841 


City of High Point
(336) 883-3111 

City of Winston-Salem
(336) 747-7480 






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